Cyprus Security Systems

Integrated Alarm Security Ajax

No wires. No worries.

Wireless security for maximum protection. Ajax is smart and reliable. He reacts only to real dangers, and not to false alarms. If something happens, Ajax will notify you in an instant and help prevent serious problems.


about Cyprus Security Systems

Cyprus Security Systems – Integrated Alarm Security Ajax. Founded by professionals with wireless security systems installation experience. Our solutions use wireless approach to make your life easier and safe.

Modern technologies help us to protect your home not only from invasions, but also from fire, water and CO.

You can control your home security directly from your smartphone and get notifications and alarms on any unwanted action. Cyprus Security Systems is a perfect choice for your home protection.


Outdoor Security

Outdoor detectors detect intrusion from the first step in your territory. Even if someone climbs over the fence or tries to peer out the window, Ajax detectors immediately raise an alarm.

Indoor Security

Detectors immediately detect threats: opening doors, breaking windows and the presence of intruders in the territory. Use MotionCam detectors to see the cause of a motion alarm.


Flood Prevention

A flood detector detects leakage from a pipe, leakage in a washing machine or dishwasher. LeaksProtect gives an alarm with the first signs of a flood and notifies you when the water is dry.

Fire Prevention

Fire detectors protect you and your belongings from fire by quickly responding to smoke or a sharp increase in temperature. In addition, FireProtect Plus can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Ajax fire detectors can operate independently of a security system.

Smart protection mode

Ajax maintains a constant connection with the cloud server. The system sends operation and incident reports to the owner’s smartphone.
  • Push notifications for events
  • System health monitoring

Fully independent protection mode

When Ajax identifies threats, the system directly alerts the owner using several communication methods.
  • SMS messages about incidents and events
  • Alarm on owner phone number

Professional protection mode

Ajax is directly connected to the console of the security company and simultaneously sends alarms to the phone of the owner and security company.

  • Direct connection to a central monitoring station
  • Rapid action team services